Post-Christmas Blog…

It’s cold outside but toasty in The Rams Head… British Gas must smile when they look at my bill.

In these frosty, snowy and icy times our thoughts should be turning to our skin, and I’m talking to the guys too.

Our skin needs a lot of tender loving care and we can help with that. We have the technology with our super active facials to brighten and lighten, unclog and energise, tighten and lift and they all hydrate. Let’s not forget we offer super relaxing and moisturising facials too! So whether you are looking to de-stress or for skin rejuvenation we have something for you.

We all understand the damage winter does to our skin (you can feel it as you slather on the extra protection moisturiser), but far fewer of us are as mindful of the negative effects that freezing wind and rain have upon our hair.

When we make the frequent transition from cold exterior to warm interiors, often where the air has been entirely dried out by central heating, it’s essential to keep hair moisturized, and one of the best methods for this is to simply use a good treatment, possibly with an anti-frizz serum that will help protect follicles by keeping moisture locked inside.

Don’t forget to quiz your stylist and your beauty therapist, they are there to help you and consultations are always free.

I’ve already booked my Oxygen and Micro Dermabrasion Facial, yes I need both!

Ready to relax….Vicky x

P.S. Watch this space we have some new things happening this year… it’s so exciting!