Our First Blog

This is our first blog… new to this so bear with me!

I’ve decided this will probably become the Rams Head blog and I can keep everyone up to date with the move.

After 11 long, long months we are finally ready to go ahead after completely clearing the building. We have builders at the ready to start in September and we are hoping for a late November opening. So much for me thinking October 12, then January, then May and I think I even mentioned August! Feeling pretty confident that we will be transforming our pub into a salon by December.

At this point I could say a few selective words about planning, conservation and architects…. but I won’t. My advice to anyone who wants to take on a listed building is employ people with the right knowledge and background. After 7 months of getting absolutely no where, I changed architects and employed Stephen Anderson who managed to complete and get it passed in 4 weeks! Thats the difference.

Also do your homework or get someone to do it for you, after being wrongly advised to use a historian from Yorkshire (at this point I will mention there is nothing wrong with this historian or Yorkshire) but he didn’t really know the quirky facts about this Rossendale building. For example, my ceilings are unique to Rossendale and I was being advised to cover them up.
Consider the Civic Trust they aren’t all bad, my architect is a member and I had some fantastic advice from a historian who lives in Rawtenstall. If you ask, people love to help and I was amazed how many people actually really care about The Rams Head and I’m glad I have the chance to bring it back to life and everyone who will be working with this building are able to put their own mark on this historic pub.

Remember the more information you receive you will be more sympathetic to the building – then it has to be the easier way to get things passed and trust me it will save you money in the long run.

Tune into our next blog… for another update
Vicky x