Great Lengths & Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Tufties are the current Great Lengths Salon of the Year and with over 19 years’ experience you can expect a fabulous result.

Great Lengths and Gold Fever offer 100% human hair with no silicone or artificial shine for a natural feel and appearance that can last up to six months.

Our unique bonding system is kind to your hair and scalp, transforming your hair with zero damage.

It’s the celebrities choice too, including Selena Gomez and Michelle Keegan, but if you would like to see them close up then just call in and look at ours. There is always one of the Tufties team with extensions in and we are happy to offer a complimentary consultation.

So whether your looking for volume, length or both, Gold Fever & Great Lengths can provide the look you are after.

Due to the bespoke nature of Great Lengths and Gold Fever extensions, please call us on 01706 22 55 66 and book your complimentary consultation.

When you book in for Hair Extensions and Hair Straightening you can pass time with our nail treatments.

Tape Extensions From £100.00
Great Lengths Bonds – Please call 01706 22 55 66

Clip In Hair Extensions

We can source Bellami clip in hair which are an alternative to permanent hair extensions. They add instant volume and length to your own hair and are ideal for special occasions and bridal hair.

They come in 4 levels of thickness and a range from 18″ to 28″ in length.

They offer a huge range of natural shades, that also include Ombre, Balayage and the latest fashion colours.

Micro Weft Hair Extensions Fitting From £100.00
Clip in Hair Fitting From £45.00

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About Great Lengths

  • Are kind to your hair and scalp
  • Are virtually undetectable by sight or touch
  • Are comfortable to wear and style
  • Are long lasting
  • Can be styled and curled to create the perfect look for any occasion
  • Look and feel as natural as your own hair
  • Can be removed with no damage to your own hair

Great Lengths produces over 60 hair colours, including pastel and neon shades plus a large palette of different shades of blonde. These colours can be mixed and blended to create the perfect effect for you.

For special effects and extra glamour, Great Lengths are a proud supplier of a range of Diamond Threads made with Crystalised Swarovski elements. Perfect for that special occasion or wedding!

All our hair is pre-bonded, this is very important as it means that the correct amount of hair is applied each time. With a bond that is pH balanced, it is also kind to the hair and the scalp.

A complete range of hair textures is available to suit all hair types:

  • Natural hair (straight / light wave)
  • Soft wave (permed to order)
  • Deep wave (permed to order)

For Volume: If you would like to use Great Lengths to thicken your hair, an average amount of hair extensions would be approximately 50 bonds. The cost will depend on the length of your hair. However it is important to bear in mind when thickening your hair, that you really can set your own budget as any amount of extensions will add a degree of thickness.

For Length: The average lengthening usually requires between 100 -125 extensions for a finished long hair look.

Please note we can re-use a large per cent of the hair again for future extension applications, if required.

Ethical Practice

Using the finest quality temple hair we can confidently guarantee the source, origin, quality and ethicality of all hair used in the process.

Great Lengths commitment to ethical practice sees the proceeds from the purchase of the hair go directly back into the local communities from where it originates – aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable concerns.

Great Lengths continually monitor the sourcing practice to ensure no hair is obtained from exploitative or unethical sources.


All Tufties Great Lengths certified extensionists go through continuous extensive training and are all trained to an advanced level. This means that your stylist will be experienced and confident in applying your hair extensions, that will give you natural and expert results.

Great Lengths has led the technological advancements in the field of hair extension applications. Two separate application techniques exist and following an initial consultation your stylist will recommend the most suitable method for your individual needs.

The System

  • Classic Fusion – Natural and Undetectable
    The original system when released was the talk of the industry and sparked a worldwide fashion phenomenon. This tried and tested single strand heat based application system has established Great Lengths as the world’s leading hair extensions brand. Results are incredible – thorough hair coverage with undetectable and comfortable extensions.
  • Cold Fusion – Gentle and desirable
    Following on from the success of the Classic Fusion system, Great Lengths added Cold Fusion to the range. Again, a single strand application system and just as resilient. Cold Fusion produces small flat and cylinder bonds so hair will look and feel totally natural. Using ultrasound technology, Cold Fusion uses virtually no heat and produces the same amazing results while offering further protection to those with finer, heat sensitive hair.

The Hair Extension Process & You

Your stylist will:

  • Carry out a detailed consultation with you. This session will help you explore the multitude of styles, lengths, volumes and colours available, select the most suitable application process and decide the amount and type of hair required. Free test extensions are available and it is recommended first time clients use this service prior to having their hair extensions applied.
  • You will be asked some personal questions to assess your lifestyle and suitability to extensions. This will answer any questions you may have.
  • We will order your hair and book your appointment for the application of your extensions.
  • Apply your hair extensions and create the hair look you have always dreamed of.
  • We will provide you with thorough aftercare advice to help you care for, style, protect and prolong the life of your extensions.
  • We will set up a maintenance appointment, approximately 2-4 weeks after application to ensure you are happy with your hair extensions and to answer any queries you may have.
  • We also recommend booking regular check-ups to help keep your style looking its best.

As a guide and with the correct care, you can expect your extensions to last up to 5 months.

Facts & Fiction About Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions damage your hair

When hair extensions are applied properly there is virtually no reason why they would damage your hair, and thousands of women have used extensions to grow their own hair to a desired length with no adverse effects whatsoever.

However, that is not to say everybody’s hair is suitable. At Tufties we take the safety of your hair very seriously and take every reasonable precaution to ascertain the suitability of your hair before commencing.

Whether or not you are wearing hair extensions, everybody experiences hair shedding. This is entirely natural. You will notice on your hairbrush, whether you wear hair extensions or not, that you shed between 70 to 100 hairs a day – adding up to around 3,000 hairs a month or 36,000 a year. It seems a lot but on average we have at least 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on our heads alone, so this rate of growth and renewal is entirely normal.

You have to give your hair a break in between hair extensions

If hair extensions are properly applied and removed, your hair will remain undamaged. Most people prefer to have their extensions removed and replaced on the same day, so their hair continues looking as good as ever.

You can’t swim, gym or use a steam room, wearing hair extensions

Your new hair will look as fabulous wet as it does dry, and the extension joins will not show in water. You can shower, swim and sauna without having to worry. However, when you are exercising at the gym/steam room and your scalp gets hot and begins to sweat, your roots can begin to get greasy. When that happens, it is advisable to wash your hair very soon afterwards to ensure the best care for your hair extensions and just ensure all chlorine is removed before drying.

You can’t have extensions in if your hair is fine

In fact, many women with fine hair choose to use hair extensions to add extra volume. Extensions can be done as fine as a few strands of hair to be virtually undetectable and if they are done correctly with test extensions done beforehand, there is virtually no chance of any damage to the hair.

You can’t brush and style easily with hair extensions

As long as you use the correct Great Lengths brushes then you can brush right into and through the roots with no damage to your hair or the extensions. You can also use straightening irons and curling tongs all through the hair as long as you are careful to avoid the bonds.

People can tell when you are wearing hair extensions

When expertly applied and cut, hair extensions look completely like your own hair, and are undetectable.

You have to dye your hair to the same colour as the hair extensions

Great Lengths has 55 shades, to match to your hair so there should never be a need to dye your hair to match the extensions.

Looking After Your Hair Extensions

To maintain and provide the longest lasting and optimum results we will provide you with information and also a maintenance check.

Some basic steps to follow are listed below:

Washing your Hair

  • Do not shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied to allow the bond to set
  • Always use after care products recommended by your stylist, as these have been specifically designed to prolong the life and appearance of your hair extensions.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week
  • Finish by rinsing your hair in diluted Anti Tap to restore your hairs pH value especially if you have been swimming.

Drying your Hair

  • Always dry your hair thoroughly, starting at the bond, as it is at its most vulnerable when wet
  • Do not towel dry the hair with a scrubbing motion. Instead, use a blotting motion and wrap the hair in a towel to remove excess moisture
  • Always blow dry your hair on a warm temperature


  • We stock Great Lengths bristle brushes and are the most suitable for brushing your hair
  • With small sections of hair gently brush from the bonds to the ends of the hair
  • Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting

Styling and Finishing

  • Styling products can be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair and not the bond itself
  • The Great Lengths brush can be used for blow drying
  • Straighteners, tongs and heated rollers can be used, however they must be kept away from the bond area


  • We recommend you tie your hair in a loose pony tail to prevent tangling while sleeping

Exercise and your Lifestyle

Extensions suit most lifestyles, however be mindful in the following circumstances which may affect the lifespan of your bonds, or in fact, cause them to breakdown:

  • Regular swimming, particularly in sea water and chlorinated water
  • Regular sauna or steam room use
  • Excessive aerobic activity

After these activities we recommend you use diluted Great Lengths Anti Tap Water solution to restore your hair and scalp to it’s natural pH balance. Remember to always dry the bonds thoroughly.

Get Beach Babe Hair With Great Lengths

Tousled long blonde locks have always been the preferred look for the beach. Great Lengths make it easy to achieve the ‘beach babe look’ with 17 shades of blonde for commitment free highlights, a great alternative to highlights which might damage your hair.  Alternatively, Great Lengths Flowstrands, the two tonal dip-dye hair extensions provide a modern take on this look by taking this catwalk trend to the beach. Great Lengths will transform your style with natural looking long blonde locks ready to showcase on the golden sands this Summer.