There’s some light at the end of the tunnel for dry skin – or more appropriately at the end of the day – as winter starts to wind down.  Between gale-force winds, central heating and constantly varying temperature we’re finding our skin is distinctly lacking in moisture.

For those with naturally dry skin it’s a painful time of year, with sensitive, flaky skin making skincare and the make-up you put on top look less than ideal.  We have some dry skin saviours for you.

  • Skin Kit for dry or dehydrated skin: £26

This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most. If you’re a first-time Dermalogica user, then prepare yourself for great skin. And, if you’re already hooked, these convenient travel sizes will bring professional skin care wherever you’re going today.

  • Complex C Home Care Kit- drier or prematurely-aging skin: £59

Don’t be put off by the name; this product relieves extra-dry, aggravated skin by deeply moisturizing dry skin and especially if you suffer from dry flaky shins, which can be a nightmare.


Facials are a great way to accelerate the repairing of the skin. Listed below are our 3 favourite dry skin relievers…

  • OXYGEN THERAPY; breathe new life into tired skin: £50 – £55

The natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, replenishes lost oxygen, immediately hydrating the skin and plumping out fine lines. Used together with serum to promote the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, it is ideal for ageing skins and acne conditions.

  • MICRODERMABRASION; you’ll see the difference after just one treatment: £45 – £48

Micrdermabrasion is an amazing skin exfoliation for illuminating dull skin and renewing a fresh glow. Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion takes years off your complexion by gently exfoliating the outer layers of skin allowing a better absorption of moisturiser.

It provides immediate and visible results for ageing skin, lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, stretch marks and so much more.

  • DERMALOGICA; a personalised product prescription for skin health: £28 or £46

Dermalogica facials are customised for your skin to ensure that the products used are the best for the individual skin type. Get your results today!

For any advice on our facials call and speak to one of therapists today on 01706 225566.